Summer’s beauty must-haves from your local dollar store

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Mermaid Parade ready eyeshadow from the dollar store? Methinks so. All photos by Cat Agonis

As much as we adore all those summer moments on rooftops and in hydrant pools, it takes a little extra care to stay fly and fresh to death in the heat. That’s already hard enough when you’re hustling in this city, and time and money is always something you’re running short on. So you need to learn to take advantage of beauty product deals at your local dollar store, mine being Flushing 99 Cent Plus, on Flushing Avenue. Unfortunately since many things at the dollar store aren’t actually a dollar anymore, prices here cross the .99 cent threshold. But they’re still way cheaper than anything at Sephora or even Duane Reade where you have to spend upwards of $8 just for a flippin eye pencil. WACK. Anyway are we ready? Let’s do this!

What: Lotion with aloe vera

How much: $1.49 and up

Have you ever layed out on your roof too long? I know I have. (Oops!). Repair and restore those peeling back layers of skin with some aloe lotion. Aloe’s known for healing and soothing the damage done under rays. There’s bound to be a myriad of brands available for less than $5 to fit your skin too.

What: B.S.N.’s seemingly-waterproof eyeliner

How much: 99 cents

Whether you’re biking along Bay Ridge’s waterfront, mini-golfing at Marine Park, taking a dip at McCarren Park or don’t want your face melting off during a date at an outdoor restaurant, B.S.N. eyeliner will get. You. Through it. Be warned though! This shit is basically a tattoo, so get  ready to work when you decide to go fresh-faced. I recommend A! Absolute eye makeup remover to assist you which usually costs $3.19 for a pack of 33 wipes.

What: Nicka K’s lipstick

How much: .99 cents

While we’re at it, let’s just get all pigmented up with the waterproof cosmetics. Do you remember our post a couple of years ago where we found Nicka Ks makeup passed the hydrant test? Their lipstick lasts through both the salt AND tequila in your $5 happy hour margarita, as well as sweaty kisses in Prospect Park. SMOOCHES. 

What: Cheap sunglasses

How much: $5

As supa-dupa fine as some designer sunglasses are, they’ll leave you sad and depressed the second they take a tumble onto the hot pavement sidewalk one-too-many times and shatter. Or when you leave them behind in a taxi after a day-drinking spree. Avoid the heartbreak and instead opt out for a $5 pair of sunglasses that gives you the same look for less and won’t leave a hole in your heart AND wallet the second they’re lost or broken. 

What: Baby powder

How much? $2.49

This good old fashioned power-powder is the perfect neutralizer for sweaty tresses. When your hair starts getting stringy just powder those locks up and voila! Grease-b-gone. Be careful though. If you O.D. on this your hair will turn white, on some Lady Gaga-status.

What: Neon eyeshadow & nailpolish (preferably by Luyisi)

How much: $2.99

Do you party for the 4th of July? Attending the pride parade this year?? WHAT ABOUT THE MERMAID PARADE? Sorry for the yelling. I just CAN’T WAIT to rock some neon eyeshadow and bright-ass fingernails for all these things. I bet you can’t either. Wink-wink.

What: Nail kit

How much: $1.99

Because pedis are A MUST, grab one of these nail kits to DIY it up with your new neon nail polish that I know you’re gonna get as soon as you’re done reading this. At home pedis are cheaper than one at a salon even with a Groupon–and potentially equally as fabulous!

Clip in flowers, both $1 each and B.S.M.'s eyeliner.
Clip in flowers, both $1 each and B.S.N.’s eyeliner. 

What: Flowers, hairclips, cool shit to keep your hair up

How much: $1

Any legit dollar store is going to have add-ons at their register like awesome headbands, hairclips and flowers. Piling your hair on top of your head is a must during summer–nobody likes a sticky neck! Ew. But why not throw it up with some color? Grab some crazy hair fasteners for just a $1 and let your head speak STYLE.

What: VO5 green tea conditioner

How much: $1.39

BEAUTY SECRET: Shaving your legs with hair conditioner leaves them feeling more silky than actual shaving cream does. Seriously. if you haven’t tried, do it tonight and tell me how your legs feel in the morning. Like cupcakes on puff clouds, maybe? BECAUSE MINE DO. I recommend VO5 green tea conditioner because it’s cheap as hell and has a halfway-decent scent.

And there you go! Be sure to hit up your local dollar store for some of these hot items, and let’s do it up real big with the hair & nails did this summer. Because you want to look cute in front of that fireman opening the hydrant for you, right?

**Prices will differ from dollar store to dollar store.

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