#summeriscoming: Coney Island is hiring for seasonal jobs

coney island
Welcome to your new office. via Flickr user David Tan

Hey, as long as we’ve got some summer vibes going on this chilly day, why not keep them going? After all, it was all the way up to 45 degrees yesterday! Anyway, if you’d like your job during the summer to be one that more closely aligns with the carnie life of strapping people into rides and tricking them into playing your games they’ll never win, you’re in luck. Amusing the Zillion noticed there are a slew of Coney Island jobs available for the enterprising summer lover living in New York City.

Get your barking skill in order, it’s time to prove you’ve got what it takes to trick people into playing that game where you have to shoot water into a clown’s mouth. For starters, ATZ alerts us to the fact that there’s a job fair coming up for employers around the beach kingdom this week. Tomorrow from 12pm to 4pm, the likes of Nathan’s, Deno’s Wonder Wheel, Luna Park and more will be recruiting for food service jobs, but also for ride and game operators, which is the dream.

They also noticed that Ruby’s is hiring for a bunch of positions if you wanna work on the boardwalk making people’s food and drink dreams come true. Which why wouldn’t you want to? They need a manager, an assistant manager, a cook, counter help and most importantly, a bartender. A summer bartender in the outdoors? The only job we could think of that beats that is water slide tester, and even water slide tester has a huge amount of risk built into it. Check out the rest of the Amusing the Zillion post, because they have plenty more jobs for you there.

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