Summer will be a week longer as the City’s beaches will stay open past Labor Day

Beach-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Rockaway Beach
This could be you post-Labor Day. Image via Flickr user Brett Refner

For decades, Labor Day has symbolized the beginning of the end for summer in the city. Because, for decades, the city’s beaches and pools close after Labor Day and we all cry a little inside when we put our swimming gear back in the closet. Not this year! Because the city’s beaches will be open for one week after Labor Day. So start preparing for your “I’m sick and can’t make it to work today” speech to tell your boss and head to the beach, never know, you might even find your boss skipping work to.

According to DNAinfo, the beaches will be open for an extra week, due to $687,000 being included in Mayor Tall’s city budget to pay for lifeguards and other beach workers to stay on duty. We know, going to the beach after Labor Day can be odd, unless you’re one of the people who live by the beach and go swimming anyway. But for those of us who don’t live by the water, Labor Day weekend our last chance to enjoy the beach before Memorial Day 2016, so we’ll take an extra beach weekend without a second thought.

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