Summer is coming: ‘Game of Cones’ headed to BK ice cream shops

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People take their ice cream really, really seriously around here

If you soothed your frazzled nerves Sunday night with a pint of Phish Food post-Red Wedding (and seriously, if you haven’t seen this week’s Game of Thrones, watch it before someone spoils it for you already) this will probably come as a relief. A bunch of ice cream shops around the city — including a few in Brooklyn — will be participating in a “Game of Cones” Foursquare game next week, and the winner will win the “Iron Cone,” which we assume will taste better than that spiky throne looks.

To start, naturally, you must first pick your allegiance: there are no Starks and Lannisters, of course, but there is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, along with Blue Marble, Van Leeuwen and Ample Hills. Check in to one of those shops on Foursquare from June 7th to June 21; at the end of the month, the shop with the most check-ins will ascend the Cone. Plus, you’ll get a cool Foursquare badge for your troubles! And if you feel like trading in Westeros Brooklyn for an ice cream shop on the big Island, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Milk Bar, Sundaes and Cones and Victory Gardens are participating as well. YOU WIN OR YOU DIE.

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