Free suits turn Wall Street’s hippies into yuppies in disguise

Photo via Flickr user jamie nyc

We know those hotties of Zuccotti have gotten you all hot and bothered, but the mass of people in weeks-worn cords and matted sweaters is, for certain parts of the country, apparently less hot and just plain bothersome. Seeing the opportunity to mess with perceptions, Professional Business Attire, a nonprofit that provides young people in the justice system with suits for job interviews and court, has started to cloak the protesters in their enemy’s uniform.

Or, at least, ease disdain from sections of Main Street (take, for instance, this Facebook status from a recently unfriended friend “Getting a haircut, shaving your faces/legs, and dressing normally would be a start.”) This Saturday, expert tailors and image stylists will bring donated bizwear to any protester who wants it.The group says the goal is to disrupt the way media portrays the occupiers by offering “images that cannot easily be written off, images that create the evocative confusion it takes to get people to read news articles. Photographs of peaceful anti-corruption protesters in business suits being kettled etc. could be quite effective. People in suits sleeping on the ground would have photographers there every morning.”

Gently worn or new suits can be donated to the PBA Working Group, by mail or drop-off to their Brooklyn offices.

Look sharp, Liberty Park!


  1. I think its great. Much easier to disregard people who look/dress/appear nothing like you. Once ever Wall-streeters (a few) realize ‘they are us/we are them”, perhaps more likely to become part of middle of road party platforms – 

  2. A light in the attic

    It’s funny because I know the gentleman in the Suit, and he definitely came from work–which belies the notion that just maybe this movement has a wider net than the media wishes to perceive 

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