Sugar high: Eat cotton candy boobs, for art, this Friday in Williamsburg

This is completely innocent
This is completely innocent

Puberty was probably the worst time in your life for you, a confusing rush of hormones and patchy beards and so many feels. You don’t want to revisit it, not for any reason in the world. Well, maybe one reason, because an art exhibit opening in Williamsburg Friday is turning your hormonal trauma into delicious candy that you get to eat. As long as you’re okay with eating cotton candy boobs and candy off of ropes coming out of a gourd, which is supposed to represent menstruation. You know, normal ways to eat candy.

The exhibit with all of the edible cotton candy boobs is called “Finding Puberty,” and according to DNA Info, it will run Friday, February 20 from 7pm to 10pm at the Ran Tea House (269 Kent Avenue). The piece is supposed to explore the traumatic transition from childhood to puberty by presenting exhibit visitors with childlike scenes of innocence with cheap toys scattered around, but also penis-shaped bottles to drink out of, cotton candy boobs you can eat and the aforementioned menstruation gourd with ropes spraying out of it that have candy attached to them.

The artist behind the exhibit, He Wei, told DNA Info that he hopes the art will help people accept each other and he chose puberty because it’s such a universally relatable subject. So, try to keep your giggling to a minimum as you take pictures of your friends deep throating the dick bottles. Be mature, you guys, this is art.

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