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Twin Peaks MetroCards now available at a subway station near you

Risen from the TV graveyard, David Lynch’s classic 1990s tale of Pacific Northwest weather, dark magic and cherry pie, Twin Peaks, will be brought back from its plastic-wrapped grave next Sunday, May 21 on Showtime. Creepy billboards and bus advertisements have done a good job of keeping Laura Palmer’s memory and incumbent resurrection alive, and now there’s a pocket-sized reminder of the show’s return: Twin Peaks MetroCards!

The special edition MetroCards are available only at a handful of stations: Bedford Ave., York St., Metropolitan Ave., Bergen St., W4 St., Astor Place., 14 St.-8th Ave. and 50th St. (on the 1 line as well as the A/C/E line).

When we went to get ours, the man at the booth was highly amused by our excitement and offered to give us his should the machines not have. (If the machine at the station you visit seems to be out, try asking your booth human.)

The cards probably won’t garner as much hype as the Supreme cards did back in January, nor will they likely be as good an investment, but there’s also a good bet you’ll still be able to get one as of this writing and for the rest of the day. But then, now is Twin Peaks fans chance to prove themselves more hype than the hypebeasts. Perhaps the Log Lady herself will show up, but probably not since her face does not appear to be one of the two different art options (those being Laura and Special Agent Dale Cooper).

For those of you not willing to venture out for fun, limited addition, sponsored public transit art, perhaps you have tens of thousands of dollars to burn and want to create some MetroCard art of your own design? The MTA’s rates are prohibitively expensive for us mere plebeians, but they are interesting and publicly available numbers (assuming this page has been updated even remotely recently). Assuming it is indeed factually correct, it’s fair to say at least 50,000 Twin Peaks cards are currently in circulation.

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[H/t: Gothamist]

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