Submit something to make’em laugh at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival

brooklyn comedy festival
You could finally share a bill with Reggie Watts, like you always thought you deserved. via Facebook

Hey, how’s your standup career been going? No, seriously, we’re interested. We know that Brooklyn has become a place that draws a ton of comedic talent, so you might be looking for a way for your standup to stand out. In which case, it probably couldn’t hurt to submit something to the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, which is coming back for a second year this summer. Oh man, we sound like your mother passive-aggressively dumping on your comedy dreams, don’t we? Bet you can make a joke out of that.

The festival, which drew some big names like Reggie Watts, Todd Barry, Kate Berlant and Chris Gethard last year at their Williamsburg debut, will be back in Brooklyn between August 18 and August 23, and will be expanding to Park Slope. Just like the Flea!

And not only will there be big names again this year, but they’re also opening it up to schmucks like you. (Rimshot) If you want in, head here at noon today and upload a three to seven minute video of your standup, sketch, improv, musical comedy or whatever it is you have, they aren’t restricting the comedy genres. There is a submission fee of $10 ($15 after April 15), so if it’s between buying lunch or submitting, we’d buy lunch. Otherwise, just think of it as a tax write-off to pursue your dream. And prove to your parents you’re doing¬†something¬†out here other than the occasional open mic.

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