Study: Most New York ladies will split check

Dutch: good enough for Brooklyn settlers, good enough for your date released data today that will give me ammunition to finally end a 15-year long argument with my mother: a majority of  New York ladies (57 percent) are willing to split the bill on the first date. And broke bros across the boroughs rejoice! (Especially since y’all make way more than us.) Listen: I would pay for the date if I could! I would pay for everyone’s meal everywhere all the time if I could because my friends are rad. But if you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs when the check comes as I’m calling to see if my roommate cashed my rent check yet, we probably weren’t destined for anything but a frustrated Facebook status anyway.

Match’s survey of 1,000 single New Yorkers also tells us the sexiest jobs for men are fireman (obvs!) and Wall street execs (? blrggzzk). We’re all willing to travel about 40 minutes for a date, and that’s about it, the study says. More of this peek into the single psyche below!
* Singles from Manhattan responded that they are more ready to date someone from Brooklyn (30%) than dating someone who is also from Manhattan (27%).

* Second to Manhattan, singles from the boroughs are most willing to date someone from Brooklyn, over looking for love in the other boroughs.

* Brooklyn singles are open to finding love both in in Manhattan (29%) and Queens (23%); while they are less likely to look for love in the Bronx (10%) and Staten Island (11%)

* 94% of single New Yorkers polled would like to settle down and find a long-term relationship; 47% of people who have moved to NYC in the last five years reported they are dating more since moving there.

* Perfect Date Spot: The West Village is a great choice, with 44% of singles naming it as the best neighborhood for a date. Places to avoid? A chain restaurant (31%), karaoke bar (23%) and Times Square (21%) were the least appealing choices, according to the survey’s respondents.

What say you, ladies? Are you splitting those checks? Are you picking up the whole thing sometimes? If so, what’s up on Friday?


  1. for first dates, i usually assume we’re going dutch, unless he would like to pay. i can’t afford to pick up the whole check all the time (times are ruff!), but i do when it’s a special occasion, or if i just feel like treating. guys like to feel special too, and i think they see it as a point to think about if they’re pursuing something serious with you.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve argued with dates while on dates about this before. It feels weird to be in favor of equality in all forms and then expect one party to pick up the check based on gender, right? 

    • right. especially for a first date, where it turns out the date might suck. like, i’m not going on a date b/c i’m homeless and can’t eat! hahaha. i can pay my share. and if you want to be old fashioned and treat me, that’d be lovely too!

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