Storybook job: The Moth is hiring an office manager

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Work in the shadows to make this story go off without a hitch. via Facebook

You’ve honed your office skills since you’ve lived in the city, to the point where you’re a veritable Joan Holloway or even an icily effective Sue Wilson. But if you’re unsatisfied using them for some faceless megacorporation, we’ve got a great job for you: the Moth needs what they’re calling an “assistant to the executive team,” but from the job description, sounds mostly like an office manager. Want to help make the story magic happen? More important, want a salary and benefits? Read on!

The job for the OG storytelling group will involve things like answering email inquiries and the main phone line, booking travel arrangements, scheduling Board of Directors meetings and managing the office supplies inventory. So if you’ve been haunted by that time you forgot to order paper clips and then your office really needed them, here’s your shot at redemption.

Will turning that into a touching, well-told story help your chances in getting hired? Maybe! But more than likely, they just want a person who can effectively multi-task and be nice while they’re doing it, a strong resume and at least one year as an assistant under your belt. And as a reward, you’ll get what’s basically a fairytale these days: a job that pays $35,000 per year and comes with benefits. Now that’s a story worth telling people.

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