Storm report: Is there any food left in Brooklyn?

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Picture from about 4:30pm today

There’s a storm coming and since our city is outfitted with some of the most modern conveniences and technology in the western world, that can only mean one thing: PANIC PARTY!! If you didn’t stock up, are you screwed by now? Maybe so. But here’s what we know so far: Trader Joe’s downtown is an absolute charlie foxtrot, with a line just to get in stretching from the door down Atlantic Ave. The store is picked clean on lots of stuff like bread and bottled water but still has plenty of other food, especially Name Tag beer, which is a step above water anyway. The store will be open early tomorrow from 6am-10am. What else? Dispatches from more of the Brokelyn street team below. What’s the scene like at your local? 

Kelly Murphy reports:

C-Town in Park Slope (9th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues), is a madhouse: 24-pack Poland Spring on sale for $5.99 but running low, Clif Bars well-stocked at four for $5, all other essentials well-stocked except granola bars, which are wiped out. Once they run out, there’s currently a 3 hour wait for all deliveries.

The Target in Atlantic Center still appeared relatively well-stocked as of 5pm: they had a good bit of food on the shelves, and they were unloaded a fresh pallet of bottled water when I passed through. But the crowds — oh the crowds! It was like triple Saturday of death in there, and the lines for the registers stretched way back into the clothing sections. And the supplies might not last too long either, with some people in line buying like six cases of bottled water and three cases of soup (seriously? You need that much bottled water for two days?).

Best Buy Liquors in Fort Greene is also well-stocked and not crowded. Those are the real supplies you need to worry about.

Also, Trader Joe’s is planning on NOT being open at all on Sunday. Check back for the latest.

What is your local store like? Add the status to the comments to help people who are still trying to stock up!

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  1. I was just at the Pioneer supermarket on 86th street and Gelston Ave in Bay Ridge.  It’s owned and operated by one family, and they are STOCKED with everything you could possibly need- plus no lines!  There’s a municipal parking lot a block away- otherwise, parking is tight in the area.

    You local small businesses not only are stocked right now, but they need your support a LOT more than Trader Joe’s does right now.  By shutting down Robicelli’s this weekend and cancelling Mondays deliveries, Matt and I are essentially forfeiting our personal paycheck for two weeks to cover all the losses we’re taking. All the small businesses around you are going through the same thing. Shop THERE- not at the big box stores. Target doesn’t have to give up their paycheck.

  2. Royal Deli/Supermarket on 8th and 15th is fully stocked, as are asian supermarkets on PPW.  CVS on 9th st was not too bad at 4pm–busy, but had lots of stock still in boxes waiting to be shelved–they had just gotten a delivery.  Pretty civil all around! 

  3. Stores on Cortelyou – the Met Food, the Co-Op, and various bodegas – still seem relatively well stocked.  Was just able to buy bottled water, ice, and granola bars.  Lines are pretty long, but people are generally good-tempered.  The lines are also just as long at the liquor stores, which seems like the best way of riding out the storm to me…

  4. Met on Vanderbilt was very crowded at 4 PM, with TJ-like likes snaking through the aisles. Saw some employees unloading Jesus-candles for folks looking for a two-for-one benefit.

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