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Stop What You’re Doing: IT’S NATIONAL DONUT DAY

A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Facebook
A national holiday more important than Flag Day is here Image via Dough’s Facebook

People. I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever you are doing – STOP. Get your butt out the door and experience the best day of all: National Donut Day.

Every doughnut shop plays by their own rules, so keep reading to find the best deal in town for you and your doughnut needs.

Krispy Kreme– $Free.99! (In case, that didn’t read the doughnuts are free!)

Dunkin Donuts– Free donut with coffee purchase. I may or may not have already consumed two coffees and two jelly filled this morning…

Dun Well Doughnuts – Free doughnut with purchase of espresso drink. Don’t let the ‘vegan doughnut place’ deter you because their doughnuts are stupidly delicious you won’t be able to tell the difference. And if you can, you have the world’s most refined taste buds.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop– $1.10 donuts all day everyday. Basically, everyday is Donut Day. Tip: make sure to call ahead because they sell out of donuts multiply times a day. Don’t worry! They are replenished, but to avoid a wait, or to place an order, call ahead!

Dough– Be careful with this one Brokesters. Today Dough is featuring their Matcha (green tea) sugar doughnut. (Fun Fact: Dough revealed this doughnut in Japan at a food expo, and the demand for it was so high they decided to bring it home to the states. Thanks guys!) The fun doesn’t stop there; today, if you buy 6 Doughnuts, you can enter your name in a lottery to win FREE DOUGHNUTS FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Gourmet Guild– Get your doughnut loving self to GG for BK Poppers. “Oh, what are those,” you say? Doughnut holes. For $.75 a pop.

Happy Friday, ya’ll and get your sugar high with god’s single greatest gift to man: the Donut.

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