Stoner job alert: Be the general manager of Stonehenge

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Make sure things don’t get too rocky over there. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Sure you love living in Brooklyn, but sadly, you’re having trouble finding a job because you listened to your parents and got a degree in “Rocks” from Granite Tech, and NYC just isn’t a good climate for those kind of job skills. Or you got your degree in historical preservation from a real university, whatever. Either way, you’re having trouble finding a job, and we’ve got an awesome one for you: the company that manages Stonehenge is looking for a general manager to lead the collection of rocks into a new era of being stuck in one spot.

Don’t think you can just show up and tell the people English Heritage that there was once an ancient race of people, the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing. EH manages 420 (LOL) properties around England, and need someone who’s a dynamic leader to help craft strategies to get people to visit Stonehenge. and suggest some ideas for the best ways to use their new visitors center. Ideas beyond walking around and showing people a picture of Stonehenge and saying “Hey, you should go see these rocks.” Which was our best idea, and why we won’t be heavy competition for you if you apply for the job.

[h/t The Atlantic]

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