Steak-out: Fairway giving away 130 pounds of beef

Artist's rendition of contest winnings. via
Artist’s rendition of contest winnings. via

This week is set to be the coldest one of the winter so far, and even if things have been pretty easy for us, it doesn’t mean we won’t immediately wish it was summer again. We won’t need coats, we can frolic on the beach and we can have barbecues. What will make the summer barbecue you’re having that much better? How about 130 pounds of meat, for free?

In a giveaway as strange as it is useful, Fairway is giving away 130 pounds of beef to one lucky winner, and all you have to do is fill out a form. No essays on what you’d do with it, or how much the American Beef Council means to you. And again, they aren’t splitting it among a few winners: this much meat, which weighs more than a small child, will be all yours. Although it makes us curious what you would do with 130 pounds of beef. Do you even have room in your freezer for that much meat? Would you keep it? Cook steaks for the homeless? Have a meat fight?

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