Start-ups are paying $90,000/year on average. Where do we sign up?

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Ari Goldbeg of StyleCaster, smiling because he’s rich as hell

What do you do, now that you’re all grown up? Are you a social worker? Do you work for an interest group, trying to make a change in the world? Frequently pants-less blogger? Well, whatever it is you do, you probably picked the wrong profession, a point confirmed by the New York Observer, sharing data released by Angel List, on what the average start up employee makes. How much? Try $90,000, on average. These aren’t the ones, by the way, who are vying for a spot at timeSpace.

Some of the folks at the start ups have complicated, technical jobs, so they get the highest average salary, $93,000 per year. And while you probably wouldn’t be able to convince your boss that you bring the same skillset to the table that a computer programmer would, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be asking for the big money that marketing or sales people get ($92,000) on average. Work at a restaurant? Well if you’re a waiter or a hostess, you’re the public face, you have a huge impact on whether or not someone eats there. So tell your boss you’d like some equity in the company, just like those jerks* at StyleCaster. On the other hand, if you’re looking to jump into the tech game, you should start saving every penny so you can pay people these absurd salaries.

*Figuratively speaking of course, we’re sure they’re very nice.

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