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Starbucks to open in Ridgewood, close in on Bushwick on both fronts

Ridgewood has great views
Ridgewood has some lovely views

Last year, we all freaked out when Starbucks sprouted in Disneywo Williamsburg. A lot of cafes and circuses and Trash Bars have making the dusty, Steinbeckian, journey to Bushwick, where they’re at least safe from the corporate coffee sharks taking over Williamsburg. Bushwick is where our locally roasted Americanos are safe. Or so we thought. Starbucks has announced they’re opening a spot in Ridgewood, which means Bushwick may be facing a two-front corporate brand battle.

The spot in Ridgewood will be at 329 Wyckoff Ave according to DNA Info, near a couple other chains like KFC and Duane Reade. It’s right across the street from Bushwick, which makes us wonder:¬†did Starbucks skip Bushwick because it went from being too disfavored to too cool so quickly? Did Starbucks decide to spare Bushwick? Or is something more sinister at hand? Are the Williamsburg and Ridgewood Starbucks being planted around Bushwick like nightmare spider eggs, ready to burst and swarm Bushwick with insta-betes frappicino and those¬†microwave sandwiches with that soggy bread we accidentally bought once?


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