We mean, this could happen if your movie is bad enough, but hopefully it won’t happen

Did you see last year’s movies at the Nitehawk Shorts Festival and huffily walk away thinking you could make a better movie. Well, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is pal, because Nitehawk is holding a second edition of their short film competition, and they’ve put out a call for submissions starting June 2. Just make sure your movie is more Man Getting Hit By Football and less A Star is Burns.

The festival itself won’t be until November, but you still might want to move early. After all, you don’t want someone with the same idea for a movie to get in front of judges first and have them take your rightful spot, right? Right. Plus, the earlier you submit, the cheaper it’ll be. Through July 1, it’ll cost you $10 to submit your film, through August 1 it’ll cost $20 and through August 15 it’ll cost $40. So save $30 towards production costs and get your film in early by visiting here on June 2, where a submission packet with official rules will be waiting for you.

The festival will take any kind of film, be it a documentary, an animated movie, a narrative one or a weird non-narrative art thing. As long as it’s shorter than 20 minutes, your movie could be shown to film nerds who come out for these sorts of things. Those are the people you want to impress anyway. Also, winning filmmakers get the prize of post-production sound and coloring, which is worth more than money to a budding artist. Or so we hear.

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