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9 spots with great buffalo wing specials in Brooklyn

greenpoint heights wings
Greenpoint Heights’ 50 cent wing special will allow you to take in that afternoon game on Sundays in style. If “style” means “face covered in buffalo sauce.” Photo by Dave Rosado

Listen, team. A new NFL season is upon is. The days of relaxing at home, watching baseball and golf, and not suffering from concussions are OVER. It’s time you suit up, get yourselves ready and in some semblance of shape, get the hell out there, and be ready to ruin that summer body you probably didn’t have all over again. Put on your uniforms: loose-fitting, elastic-wasted pants and a jersey that’s one size too big, which you’ll need to hide that new wing and beer gut. You better come hungry. For victory! For glory! For like 10 wings for just under 7 dollars! Once the whistle blows, this shit is getting real. Because it’s time. It’s time to eat your weight in chicken wings for mere pennies during wing specials at these 9 spots.

Gameday Deals

croxley's abbey wings
Croxley’s has cheap wings if you can stomach a bunch of crappy blowout games on Sundays. via Instagram

Croxley’s Abbey (63 Grand St., Williamsburg)

You want cheap wings? They’ve got cheap wings. Every Sunday, it’s 20-cent classic wings all day, which is perfect for when you’re enjoying a dominant performance by your fantasy team that we hope you never talk to us about, because come on, that’s the “weird dream I had” of sports. Make sure you eat what you order, as they’re not crazy about doggie bags for wings. Every wing you do pack up to take home will set you back 65 cents, so don’t you go expecting to pull a fast one on them. With flavors like Red Hot Chili Power Korean BBQ and Thai Lemongrass (at a 10-cent premium charge), your taste buds won’t be bored, but if you’re feeling brave, how about you try the Cry Like a Baby? It sounds dangerously delicious. Also, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Brooklyn location of Croxley’s offers mild, medium, or hot 10-cent boneless and 20-cent bone-in buffalo wings after 4pm

Windy City Ale House (7915 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge)

Come to Bay Ridge on Sunday and Monday nights (7pm-midnight) and fill up on 50-cent wings including buffalo, teriyaki, sweet chili and other flavors at this Chicago fan-friendly bar; just be careful not to get too belligerent about trash-talking against the Bears (or White Sox or Cubs or Blackhawks or Bulls) even though you’ll really, really want to. If anything, just tweet it. They’ve also got Chicago-style hot dogs, tons of taps, and since you’re punishing your heart (and rewarding your taste buds) anyway, you can order yourself some totchos during the second half. Tater tot nachos? Life is good in the Windy City.

Greenpoint Heights (278 Nassau Ave., Greenpoint)

Happy hour at this spot that’s arguably more known for its tacos features 50-cent wings from 4pm-8pm every day (including Sundays), so take your pick of cilantro-lime, BBQ, and buffalo, and go to town. If you want to enjoy some fresh air in their backyard, no problem: there’s a TV back there to make sure you don’t miss any of the game action. If you have company who’s not so, shall we say… hot on wings (nailed it) and you came on a Thursday, they can indulge in the other happy hour food special: $2 tacos, featuring the likes of pulled pork, chorizo, and sweet plantain varieties. Hell, if you’re extra hungry, you can just hang out and take part in a “Bang, Bang” like these guys:

The Monday (and Other) Night Wing Binge

The Brazen Head (228 Atlantic Ave., Cobble Hill)

As we’ve mentioned before, they offer free chicken wings every Monday night from 5pm on, until they’ve run out. That’s right, gratis. The only money you’ll be spending here is on your drinks, and please do, don’t be a freeloader. Once they’ve run out of free wings to hand out to the drunk hungry masses, or if you feel like you’re bringing terrible luck to your team by sitting there (it’s not that the Giants are horrible because Eli is kind of horrible about 75% of the time or anything), you can always head over to nearby…

O’Keefe’s Bar and Grill (64 Court St., Brooklyn Heights)

50-cent wing Monday nights at this semi-dank bar and grill near the court house will have you covered while you watch your beloved but terrible Jets secondary give up another bomb of a pass on national television. But don’t you worry, because they can run the ball with Chris Johnson! We can at least pretend it’s 2009 version of him, anyway.


keg and lantern wings
::Gruden voice:: Keg and Lantern has 50 cent wings on Mondays? This bar can play for me any day. via Facebook

Keg and Lantern (97 Nassau Ave., Greenpoint)

This Greenpoint sports bar has 50-cent wings on Mondays and Wednesdays, featuring flavors like the classic buffalo, parmesan garlic, and habanero pineapple. The place is huge and features a spacious yard in the back, so even if the game wasn’t what you were in it for, you can enjoy some fresh air with your wings while the weather still allows it. Plenty of TVs on the inside allow you to catch all the game action.

Park Slope Ale House (356 6th Ave., Park Slope)

This neighborhood classic bar and grill has your pregame covered with jumbo wing specials at the bar during happy hour (Monday-Friday, 4pm-7pm) at 75 cents per, and if you’d like to wash it all down, they tout 20 different microbrews you can enjoy to wet your whistle. If Park Slope isn’t all that convenient to you but you’re still down with the Ale House vibe, you can always go to…

Henry Street Ale House (62 Henry St., Brooklyn Heights)

The Brooklyn Heights-located sister bar to Park Slope Ale House, this spot also features 75-cent jumbo wings during happy hour, from 4pm-7pm Monday through Friday. Another great little place to get your microbrew on, it’s conveniently located near the Promenade so you can attempt to run those wings off when you’re done, or just sit there and reflect on the horrible damage you probably just did to your body. Like its Park Slope sibling, standard buffalo is what they serve.


kettle black wings
Unhinge your Jaworski for 50 cent boneless wings on Mondays at Kettle Black. via Facebook

Kettle Black (8622 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge)

Already killing it with their unlimited brunch drink specials, you’d think that Kettle Black can just sit on its mimosa-soaked laurels. But you’d be just insanely wrong, as they’re actually most known for their chicken wings, the boneless variety you can nab for 60 cents apiece on Mondays. They have your standard issue buffalo wing, but they also used their imagination and made available flavors like Luau (pineapple plum BBQ glaze), Great Wall (teriyaki, garlic, and soy sauce), and Jamo (spicy Irish whiskey infused hickory BBQ sauce). If the boneless thing frightens you, because you’ve seen a friend unhinge his jaw and eat his wings whole, the same 60 cent special applies to their bone-in variety on Wednesdays.

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