South Carolina man offers help, condescension to Brooklyn

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But…but…where are the bodegas? via Flickr

Apparently not put off by Tim’s trashing of Myrtle Beach, a South Carolina resort owner is doing his part to provide relief for people still (still!) digging out from Sandy, by offering cheaper than usual lodging. Don’t get us wrong, the gesture sounds nice, and seems legit, but he also has a weird way of understanding how people rebuild after a disaster. And what Brooklyn is like in 2013.

Hans Trupp, the owner of Savannah Lakes Resort and Marina, has cut prices on his townhouses and lodges to $650 a month for any Brooklyn refugees. Which, hey, sounds nice but then there’s this: “Instead of being stuck in some apartment in Brooklyn that’s 400-square-foot, [where you’re] afraid to go out on the street…” Which…what? It’s not 1983 anymore and despite the looming remake, the era of The Warriors is long over.

And then there’s the assertion that people can “deal with” cleaning things up at home from South Carolina, thanks to, we guess, unlimited long distance calls. Which, hey, yeah, it’s definitely really easy to deal with a contractor and the buildings department in person, so it will obviously be even easier to do when you’re trying to call them. From South Carolina. Understandably so far, Brooklyn residents aren’t biting. Would you?

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