Soon you’ll be able to drink and skate at the Prospect Park skating rink

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Well, it worked for Canada. via The Province

New York City is a place that doesn’t see a reason to not add booze to whatever establishment you’ve got. And for that, we love it. The next place getting a liquor license that you wouldn’t immediately think of could be the ice skating rink at Prospect Park. Which we wholeheartedly support, because the only thing that makes ice skating better is chugging a cool Molson XXX before you strap on the blades.

The Daily News has the story on the rink’s food provider, Bluestone Cafe, applying for a beer and wine license for the location. Community Board 9 has already given their blessing to the idea, so now it’s just up to the byzantine, impenetrable State Liquor Authority to decide if they want to approve the application.

The Daily News did find one killjoy of a parkgoer who said that giving ice skaters beer would be “hell on wheels,” which is both a lame way to look at such an awesome gift of an outdoor drinking space and a terrible metaphor. This is a great idea, and we don’t see anything going wrong with it, at least until some asshole in a Zdeno Chara jersey shows up and ruins everything by rightfully getting the shit kicked out of him by a drunken mob who realizes that the Boston Bruins are the scum of the Earth. But even then, who’s gonna cry tears over a Boston hockey fan getting beat up? No one.

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