Solange played a laundromat in Boerum Hill. Of course

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Thinking about cleanliness

In 2013 Brooklyn, a laundromat can’t be just a laundromat. It has to give you wi-fi and arcade games, brunch and host readings. Mostly because of multi-tasking we guess. Sure you could just do your laundry, but wouldn’t you rather do your laundry and get treated to a Solange concert at the same time? Well, Solange and her band showed up at Atlantis Super Wash in Boerum Hill the other day and made that fantasy a reality. But don’t look for her at your local laundry place: “the coolest girl in Brooklyn” just picked up and moved to New Orleans. You’ll pay for this one, NOLA.

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  1. Hallelujah. I live on the same block as Solange and the noise and bother of her famous family members was too much. Good riddance.

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