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SoHo artist will give you all the free sugary crap cereal you want, you child

Hovnanian, Rachel Lee_Magically Delicious_2014
Approximate amount of Lucky Charms we could eat in one sitting. via Rachel Lee Hovnanian

When you were a kid, going down the cereal aisle in the grocery store was most likely the worst part of your day, your life even, since that’s when you’d ask your parents to get you the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal and they just laughed in your face. Well, now who’s laughing MOM, because DNA Info reports a SoHo artist is giving out bowls of the crap cereal you couldn’t have when you were a kid and don’t really buy as an adult because they don’t really make a good breakfast.

Artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian is saying something about uh…let’s see…oh, the internet and how it rots your brain like so many bowls of Lucky Charms do, at her “Instant Gratification” installation at 452 West Broadway in SoHo. If you show up between 10am and 6pm between September 18 and 21, you can chow down on free Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms and hang out enjoying free Wifi too. Hey freelancers, looks like you won’t have to pay for food that week!

Hovnanian pitched her installation to DNA Info as a slight critique of people being addicted to their phones and Wifi, calling online interaction as synthetic as the cereals she’s serving up, which is a fair point. Here’s the thing though: we’re Philistines and all we see is “free cereal.” The whole art thing goes right over our heads.

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