So, the Great GoogaMooga ticket release was a shit show

Waitlisted. Like college all over again.

Whatever happened to the days when you could just line up for tickets for things? Then all of us dedicated dudes with nothing better to do could stand by for hours before an event, instead of fighting with who-knows-how-many scalper bots and refresher-button-hitting office workers? From Twitter and our comments section, it sounds like barely anyone got tickets to the big free fest in Prospect Park in May (save for our own Tom Sullivan. Maybe he’ll take you??). The GoogaMooga folks are acknowledging how much of a Kraftwerk-like disaster this thing has been since the free tix became available at noon, and they’re Facebooking: “If you had trouble registering today, we’re doing our best to take care of you! Email us at [email protected],” but we’re not sure what that means, as most of us landed on the waitlist for the event. Gothamist says the event’s PR team would like to “sincerely apologize” for the fustercluck, and to stay tuned to the website because another allotment of tickets will be released prior to the event. Meanwhile, an Anti-Googamooga twitter account has sprung up, naturally. So did anyone out there actually get through? It’s kinda amazing how entitled people feel to tickets to a free event, huh?


  1. Was on the site at 12pm. Got “oops” errors then “in queue” messages. No tickets. Thanks.

    Eventbrite, what exactly will you DO with whatever known-good email addys you get from folks who email you? I mean, forgive me for not trusting you to do it right.

    • Googamooga

      Granted it’ll be a lot of emails, but we’re working through ’em and will do what we are able to do.  Sorry if that is vague, but at least its the truth!

      •  But what will you be “able to do”? Specifically?

        I mean, I tried once by your rules and I didn’t get tickets and neither did anyone else I know.

  2. Graham Gaston

    Super disappointing, to say the least. Those of us with one browser and no re loading (as we were instructed to do) seem to have gotten the short end of the stick. Not to mention the fact that thousands of people got on in the five or ten seconds it took me after 12 get to the queue page. I mean, that is, if you believe it was really first come first serve. Joke.

  3. Alix Piorun

    I used 2 browsers to try and get tix, and the second browser I opened a couple minutes after the first was actually the one that got through, except only for waiting list tickets. So, we’ll see I guess.

  4. I tried a handful of times — twice it timed out, then I added to wait list. Then miraculously around 7 tonight I get an email confirmation for my tickets! Wonder if it’s real or maybe that is also an “error.”

  5. Rachel

    UPDATE: GOT A CONFIRMATION EMAIL! I’m sure it was a craptastic day over at Superfly headquarters, but it seems like they’re doing everything they can to make things right. We told you it was gonna be a shit show, but if anyone can pull this kind of thing off it’s these guys. Let us know if you got your confirmation.

  6. My girlfriend thought she had tickets, but it timed out before confirming. Same thing happened to me. But then we got email confirmations later last night! So, I take it back: Googamooga isn’t a new synonym for “screwed.”

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