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Hold on to summer with Get Summered’s Fantastic Voyage cruise — we’ve got tix to giveaway!

A boat, a beat, some beers and you. Say goodbye to summer with Get Summered's Fantastic Voyage cruise in September.
A boat, a beat, some beers and you. Say goodbye to summer with Get Summered’s Fantastic Voyage cruise in September.

Good news everyone! It turns out summer is actually not going to end this year. I talked with Sam Champion and Neil deGrasse Tyson, they conferred with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Katie Ledecky, JJ Abrams and Jacob deGrom, who ran the idea by the Obamas (Michelle, Barack and Malia) and Beyoncé , and they all agreed that it just ain’t right to give up our summer so soon just because the calendar will turn to September, so, fuck it, let’s keep this party going.

This is a relief because we’ve got many more beach days and summer adventures ahead of us, and not enough time to do it. One of those adventures involves our friends at Get Summered, the DJ crew who’s been bringing the party to the Riis Park Beach Bazaar all summer (and sharing their tips on how to make your own hater-proof playlist). Though we all agreed that summer isn’t going to end this year, they’re sending off the “official” calendar summer with a big-ass Fantastic Voyage boat party on Sept. 10!

The four-hour cruise features an open bar, a “floating mall” with food and vendors and, of course, hot tunes to sear in the memories of another NYC summer as you sail by the Statue of Liberty. Tickets for all this cost just $50, but Brokelyn has a pair of tickets to giveaway! Find out how to enter below. 

The Fantastic Voyage takes off from East 23rd Street & FDR Drive from 1-5pm Sept. 10 and takes you on a cruise around the tip of Manhattan, into New York harbor and around the Statue of Liberty for all your perfect #boatlife selfies. Hawaiian style attire is highly recommended.

The beats will be coming from the Oh Mama! crew (out of Oslo), and Miami’s Basside, plus the whole Get Summered squad, hosts Kiin and Randy Beerz and flicks by Åklø.


1) Make sure to like Get Summered on Facebook and subscribe to our email list (we send you twice a week event listings and no spam, we promise!). You have to do both to qualify to enter!

2) Leave a comment below with your favorite Brooklyn memory from the summer; it can be anything from your rooftop makeout sessions to setting up a tent inside the Whole Foods refrigerated aisle during the heat dome. Entries will close on Aug. 31 at midnight; we’ll randomly select a winner the next day.

3) Get yourself on a boat and rage rage rage against the dying of the summer. Make sure to tag #GetSummered in all your photos.

For more info and to buy tickets, go here. See pics from Get Summered’s last party here.







  1. theelf

    Seeing everyone fighting over pokemon in Prospect Park and then seeing ice cream vendors toooootally taking advantage of how popular certain areas were. It got INSANE

  2. Isadora

    Best moment definitely thursday night in my best friend’s apartment, all the team together for a happy hour before going out. We are nothing without our friends. :)

  3. Just a few weeks after moving here, 10 friends came up from NJ for the night to visit and we just had the craziest time. It was a super fun way to check the bars and stuff in my neighborhood, and then we all went to the Bernie rally the next day in Prospect Park.

  4. Favorite Brooklyn Summer Moment that has already happened: Watching July 4th fireworks on our totally-not-made-for-chilling-out-on rooftop

    Favorite Brooklyn Summer Moment that *hasn’t* happened yet (shameless plug impending): playing with my band at The Paper Box as part of BK Wildlife’s Summer Festival this Saturday at 5 PM!!!

    (self-promotion aside I’d very legitimately like to cruise with booze with you nice people)

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