Sleet gig alert: Be an emergency snow worker with the DOT for $15/hour

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Well folks, it’s officially winter. And while last week’s snow didn’t leave any stains, a 2017 polar vortex is definitely coming to the East Coast before the season’s end. But there’s a way to turn a profit off the season instead of losing all your money on heating bills: become an emergency snow worker for the city!

Just how much snow dough can you shovel in? The gig is on-call, so you’ll only work when needed. But when you do, you’ll make $15 an hour for up to 40 hours of work. If you go overtime, it’s $22.50 a week. It’s layman’s— er, sleigh man’s— work, but it’s a great substitute for a gym membership and a great service you can provide to the community. If not your strong arms, then whose?

Read on to figure out how to apply:

If you’re interested, just drop into a DOT garage on a weekday between 7am and 3pm (locations below) with two small photos, two pieces of ID and your Social Security Card or Tax ID number. You’ve got to be at least 18 years of age and capable of heavy manual labor, so the weak-armed need not apply. There are four DOT garages taking applicants, located in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx:

– Flatbush Yard (2900 Flatbush Ave.), Brooklyn

– Bronx Yard in Van Cortland Park (Mosholu Ave. and Broadway), The Bronx

– Kew Loop Yard (78-88 Park Drive East), Queens

– Harper Street Yard (32-11 Harper St.), Queens

Just remember, if you’re accepted as a snow worker, you’ve got to be available in the worst of blizzards. In other words, don’t flake.


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