Slate needs a contrarian blogger for their ‘Moneybox’ blog

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Could you be Slate’s next egg? via The Wire

Obsessed with both economics and telling your friends that all the conventional ways of thinking about things are wrong? Do you lean liberal but not so liberal you can’t write something like “We Need More $88 Million Apartments” and “Urban Walmarts Are Great“? Well then the jolly contrarians at Slate just might have a job for you, because they need a blogger for their “Moneybox” blog. We’d start your cover letter with something like, “In defense of hiring me, despite my drinking problem.”

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of blogging about the economy for a living, we wouldn’t be. For starters, Slate’s only looking for someone with two years of journalism and blogging experience, which you just might have. And you don’t need to be an expert on the economy, you just need to be able to provide snappy takes on breaking news to a general audience. And the main trick about explaining things to people who might be unfamiliar with a subject is that you can just fake it by writing confidently. Especially when you’re telling them everything they previously knew was wrong.

So if you think you can do three to five blog posts per day (cushy freaking job) and don’t mind throwing in the occasional embarrassing #slatepitch like “don’t enjoy a nice day, eat lunch inside,” out there, apply today. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one a bunch of the internet is making fun for something you wrote, instead of for that YouTube video of you on spring break in Panama City.

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