From our new BK real estate listings: 6 awesomely cheap places to rent

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• Here’s a 1,250sf, high-ceilinged loft outside the Steiner Studios (say hi to Lena Dunham) in Clinton Hill for $2,600, including heat, hot water and cooking gas. It’s convertible to one or two bedrooms. And witness the size of the kitchen in this joint.

• A bright 3BR in Sunset Park is a little redonk for $1650; squint and the linoleum floors look like hardwood. Perfect for anti-socials: the three separate bedrooms have three separate entrances.


• Here’s a 2BR for $1,450 that looks pretty gigantic on Gates Avenue in Bed-Stuy. Oh come on, white walls are soooo boring.

• Also in Bed-Stuy: a 3BR for $1,850. Don’t be alarmed if you run into these people.


• Do you see what we see? This Park Slope 2BR is not a rock-bottom deal at $2,200, but if you huddle by the fireplace all winter maybe you can save on heat.


• And here’s a rare 3BR in Park Slope for $2,400, with what looks like plenty of room for your friends from the food co-op.


    • Having lived in San Francisco for the past 9 years, I’m trying to figure out what “cheap” means in Brooklyn. If I’m to go by this post, it means the same thing there as it does here.

      • Yes; according to my friend who lives in LA, Cali and NYC in general have the same cost-of-living standards, etc. All you’re changing is scenery/oceans.

  1. I used to live in the Sunset Park apartment. It’s on 48th Street between 4th and 5th avenue. One caveat: the 3rd bedroom is the size of a closet, so you need someone who packs lightly and is also probably going to want to pay less rent.

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