Very silly landlord gives tenants cheap fixies, because ‘Brooklyn’

Brooklyn! We guess!
Brooklyn! We guess!

Landlords! They’re not all bad guys, even if they’re the guys who get upwards of 60% of the money you make in a month, every month. Still, a little bit of resentment might be natural, so one landlord who manages property across Williamsburg, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy is trying to circumvent that in a novel way. No, not with cheaper rent, but by giving tenants fixies when they sign a lease. We think we’d still rather have the cheaper rent.

DNA Info talked to landlord Joe Wasser, who told the site that he used to give tenants Ikea or Best Buy gift cards, before switching over to bikes, which have proven more popular. Wasser said that “everyone needs a bike in Brooklyn,” which is a sentiment we can get behind, but also told said that the bike looked “Brooklyn,” which just engenders a deep sigh at this point. Fortunately for tenants who don’t know how to track stand, the $100 fixie doesn’t appear to be the kind that doesn’t come with handbrakes, which is the type that almost mercifully maimed Henry Alford when he visited here

We’re still kind of getting over the idea that a landlord would give you anything beyond just a roof over your head, but then, we’ve been trained to not expect much out of the Brooklyn real estate market.

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