Shush up your fines: April library amnesty

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Been hiding your shame by stuffing that overdue copy of Mocking Jay under your bed for two months? Suck it up and return it, because the Brooklyn Public Library is offering¬†amnesty all this month that will wipe away your overdue fines if you bring stuff back before May 1. The library reminds us, “When you return your materials, you ensure that everyone has access to the excellent books, DVDs and CDs the Library has to offer.” If you continue to be a jerk in the face of no-questions-asked amnesty, your $25 or higher fine will be turned over to a collection agency. And you don’t want to mess with library thugs. (via L Magazine.)

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  1. ha – that’s funny. I swear I didn’t even see the Windsor Terrace Blog. I originally was making a Steig Larsson joke but figured that was soooo 2010.

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