1/3 of New Yorkers want to get the hell out of here

Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.
Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

New York City: The worst place to live, except all those other places that have been tried. From DNAinfo yesterday:

[A]lmost 40 percent of New Yorkers say they can’t afford to live here, the Quinnipiac University poll released Monday found.

Sixty-five percent of New York City voters said they’d rather remain here, while 32 percent say they would move out if they had the chance, according the poll.

…. Brooklynites felt most burdened, with 52 percent saying they can’t afford it here. In Manhattan, only 38 percent said it was too expensive.

So why do we stay? Oh right, because the rest of America is terrifying right now.

The feeling of not being able to afford to live here was highest among black people, 57 percent of whom said the city is too expensive; 41 percent of white people felt that way. It’s sort of like this Onion story come to life.

That poll is surely a combination of disaffected long-time and lifelong New Yorkers who are being priced out while watching their communities get swallowed by expensive condo development, and some fraction of the annoying element that just thinks New York is “over.” The latter is welcome to leave at any time!

What poll respondents define as their criteria for “not being able to afford to live here,” we don’t know. But a report came out in September calling Brooklyn the most unaffordable place to live in America, so it makes sense. But all things considered, the Bubble seems like a good place to hide out in for the near future.

Or you could always move to a swing state. 

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