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Shocking new report: Food carts maybe not too sanitary

food cart nyc
Health code, shmealth code. Still our light in a time of darkness. via Flickr user Michael Tapp

We love our street food here at Brokelyn, we won’t ever deny it. There have been plenty of places we’ve shown up to inappropriately carting a styrofoam container (R.I.P.) full of lamb over rice along with us, or scarfed an emergency hot dog from a cart. That being said, color us shocked, SHOCKED, that a new report shared by the Daily News says that street cart vendors don’t change their gloves after handling money. On the one hand we guess that’s bad but on the other hand, anyone in the mood for some halal cart?

The News shared a study by William Patterson University, in which researchers studied vendors at 100 food carts around Manhattan. They found that vendors didn’t change their gloves in 56.9% of the almost 2000 transactions they saw in which the vendors exchanged money with customers. This is apparently against the health code, because paper money is a disgusting source of food borne illness, which is both a scientific fact AND an easy allegory for capitalism.

What’s really shocking to us is that someone paid enough attention to notice that vendors weren’t changing their gloves. If we’re being completely honest, we can’t say we remember a time where we’ve ever seen food cart guys wearing gloves, but we were usually focused on the food and not on the potential health consequences of eating it. Which again, since we’re in the mood for lamb over rice, we will continue to not pay attention to.

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