Serious salsa-makers, it’s your time

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The first-ever Salsa Slam at the Bell House, this Sunday, Sept. 12, is in need of salsa-makers to whip up their spicy stuff and square off for glory. Lee Frank, one of the hosts from Nachos NY, has sent out this call for salsa competitors:

The gist is that we want 20 people to make salsas, while a crowd of about 200 comes and figures out which is the best one. There’s a judges panel with people from Serious Eats, The Brooklyn Salsa Company and other food blogs, and a Mariachi band to end the event.¬† But we’re having trouble finding some contestants to compete. Obviously this is the focal point of the event (4-7 p.m.). The prizes are $100 for the best, $50 for 2nd and $50 at 5 Burro Cafe for the Judges’ Favorite. It’s not that much salsa to make, I promise. And it’s going to be really fun.

Are you or someone you know the salsa-maker for the job? Email Lee at [email protected]

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