See restaurants’ letter grades before you get there, with Eatify

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Good enough to eat even if it gets an “F”. Photo by Dave Colon

If you’re making dinner plans on the go or exclusively on the internet, you might not have time to see if the well-reviewed place on Yelp also got a “C” from the Department of Health. Which means you run the risk of your germaphobe friend refusing to eat there and ruining everything for everyone. Now with a new app, Eatify, you can see in advance how your restaurant fared with the Health Department and exactly what they had to say about it.

Obviously, if you’re a proponent of the five-second rule, you might not weigh Health Department grades all that heavily. But for the rest of us, it’s good to know that a restaurant improperly stores meat or hosts a rat party in their kitchen. Eatify clues you in to these things, and all you need to do is type a restaurant in to its search bar. It gives you the health grade and the comments the department left for it when they made their inspection. And best of all, it’s free, which your giardia medicine definitely won’t be if you end up getting sick.

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