Boerum Hill/ Gowanus

See Brooklyn Boulders’ movie premiere for just five bucks tomorrow night

Looks action-packed.
Looks action-packed.

Not content with just being a place to get a good workout without being around a bunch of aggro bros talking about reps, Brooklyn Boulders is now expanding into the exciting world of cinema. Considering how good they are at providing kinetic entertainment, we’ve got a feeling their sedentary effort will be fun too, and if you think so you can find our tomorrow night at the premiere at their first ever movie, a documentary following one their first volunteers around his home country of Turkey. Best of all, because you’re reading Brokelyn, you can do it for half-off and get your ticket for just five bucks.

The movie, Climbing Bridges – The Story of Omercan, premiers tomorrow follows the story of Omercan Sakar, who came to Brooklyn from Turkey and went from volunteer to facilities manager. Having come to America to focus on music, Sakar and his band decided to return to Turkey on their latest tour, so a Brooklyn Boulders film crew followed him around getting footage of his band and of course footage of him and some pals climbing what look like some pretty stunning rock faces.

Beyond just seeing the movie tomorrow, showing up to the premiere means you get to chow down on Turkish food and catch a live performance by Omer, and like we said, you can do it for half off. When you buy your tickets, just enter the code BROKELYN and the $10 tickets magically become $5. When’s the last time you did dinner and a movie for $5? 1932?

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