Secret Dumpster pool location revealed!

picture-259The coordinates of the mysterious Brooklyn Dumpster-pools have been uncovered! Earlier this month, ReadyMade magazine reported that a group of artists had transformed three trash bins into urban swimming holes, but the crew didn’t want to give away the location for fear of attracting crowds. But the guessing game is officially over. Red Hook? Greenpoint? Williamsburg? Nope, nope and nope.

On Saturday, the Daily News reported that the pools are at the corner of Carroll and Bond Street, just a block from the Gowanus Canal.

The paper also reports that the disused lot where the bins are located has been transformed into a regular pool-party spot,with a BBQ grill, lounge chairs, changing cabana and even a bocce ball court.

The swimming holes are still not open to the public, and even though The News runs photos of happy kids frolicking in the water, a story in yesterday’s Times (that didn’t mention the exact location, interestingly) portrays it as more of an art hang:

On Saturday night just three dozen people got the nod to check it out, at an afterparty for the art journal Cabinet. “Please don’t forward,” the invitation read.

Even though the pool’s creators—including skate historian Jocko Weyland, real-estate developer David Belt—told The News they “hope one day they can share the innovative space with more New Yorkers, ” don’t count on an invitation any time soon. According to The Times:

Lectures and other events are planned for the rest of the summer, but none are open to the public, to the chagrin of the design bloggers and other cool-hunters who have been chattering about it.

Also, according to The Times, the pools will be open through August, “or until the coolness wears off.”

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