Williamsburg Starbucks liquor license deemed ‘not in the public interest’ by community board

williamsburg starbucks
We can’t imagine why

Ever since the first Williamsburg Starbucks opened, people have been wondering when there was gonna be a second Williamsburg Starbucks. Keeping to the Illuminati plot to watch Williamsburg’s shopping habits from afar under an assumed identity, the second Williamsburg Starbucks applied for a liquor license but not under the Starbucks name. However, DNA Info reports that Starbucks’ was rebuffed by Community Board 1, who voted to deny recommending the chain their liquor license.

The recommendation for the liquor license depended on another license being handed out under the 500-foot rule, which is an SLA rule that states an additional liquor license has to serve the public interest if it’s going to a venue asking for a liquor license that’s within 500 feet of multiple venues with a liquor license. According to DNA Info, Community Board 1’s SLA co-chaor Thomas Burrows said there was no public interest in the case of the Starbucks getting a liquor license, before the committee voted against recommending the license.

It probably didn’t help Starbucks’ case that a bunch of people showed up to speak out against the liquor license, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to keep the full Community Board from giving their recommendation in favor of a boozy Starbucks. We can’t see why they wouldn’t, who’s ever heard of a place to get a drink in Williamsburg.

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