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‘Seasonal creep’ comes to, irritates, the world of beer

Beer drinkers' feelings, displayed accurately. via Northwest Beer Guide's Flickr
Beer drinkers’ feelings, displayed accurately. via Northwest Beer Guide’s Flickr

“Seasonal creep” usually refers to the ridiculous practice of Christmas decorations going up on city streets and in store display windows before Thanksgiving or Halloween even. In this instance though, beer drinkers have perked up to the face that breweries seem to rolling out their pumpkin-flavored beers earlier and earlier. It’s now become enough of a problem that the Associated Press is paying attention. Hey beer companies: we’re trying to extend summer for as long as we can here. Help us out, huh?

Ordinarily beer, and breweries can do no wrong in our eyes. Beer is wonderful and perfect and anyone who thinks otherwise can go play in traffic. It doesn’t mean we’re not sad when we see fall beers start to replace summer beers at our bodegas and grocery stores, and the fact that it’s been happening earlier and earlier has not been lost on us. Hell, there are instances where we heard of people drinking and coming across pumpkin beer in August. AUGUST! At least wait until the marriage bed is cold before beginning your sick affair, guys.

Other beer drinkers have sat up and taken notice as well, telling the AP that they think it’s ridiculous to see pumpkin beers on sale as early as August 16. Which it is. On the other hand, the breweries told the AP that we’d better look in the mirror, because this whole situation is our fault. They say that increased demand for pumpkin and fall beers means it needs to be brewed earlier so more can be made. And they’re not just gonna keep it in a vault until the vernal equinox, as cool as that would be. So, it’s up to us to vote with our dollars, you guys. If you see someone buying pumpkin beer while it’s still hot enough to walk around in a basketball jersey, slap that sixer out of their hands gently suggest to them a nice summer ale would be better.

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  1. I had the most awesome brew from Sam Adams’ summer variety pack in July, Little White Rye. When I went to buy another variety pack specifically for that bottle in the beginning of August (It didn’t come seperately) all the variety packs were now Oktoberfest….no summers to be found. Can’t find my favorite drink because of this… And it’s still technically summer for 3 weeks

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