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Clear off your holiday wish lists: Seamless now offers gift cards for the first time

Mom knows what you want.
Mom knows what you want.

Get on a Slack channel with Santa or send a Yahoo email to your mom because there’s a brand-new hot toy in town just in time for the holiday season: Seamless and Grubhub just started offering gift cards for the first time. Consumerist reports the delivery services, which are part of the same company,¬†announced the arrival of gift cards last week as a way to gift your friends and family with the magic of food that you order by touch without having to talk to another living human.

They’re only available online, not in physical form (which, be honest, you would lose anyway), though you can print them out if you want. You can personalize them for any occasion, including adding your own photo, and buy them in any amount between $10 and $1,000 (General Tso’s tofu for dayyyyyyyyyyys). And there’s no expiration date.

Read more about it here, and buy a gift card here. Seamless has had a bit of a rocky patch lately with some of its numbskull ad campaigns, including this one that makes light of gentrification. Though seeing as “Seamless” has already become a verb (a la “google”), we bet lots of people would be happy to get free food instead of an iTunes gift card this holiday season.

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