Science Sez: Hate your job, hate your life

We feel you, we really do
We feel you, we really do

Been feeling a little gloomy lately? Makes sense, considering it gets dark at like 3pm and it’s cold out there without having any snow to make it worth it. Oh, but you’ve been feeling gloomy for more seasons than just winter, huh? Let’s see, what could the common thread in there be… Oh! We know, your job sucks and you hate it, that’s it, right? We feel for you, especially since science says that if you’re burned out on or hate your job, you’re a good candidate for depression.

We know, you’re probably thinking this isn’t shocking, but maybe we were just trying to do something nice for you since you’re depressed because your job sucks. Anyway, according to Psych Central, the study comes from the City College of New York, where a psychology professor studied the lives of 5,500 teachers and found that 90 percent of the teachers he studied who reported being burned out on work could also be characterized as depressed. If there’s any good news in this, it’s that of those 90 percent, 63 percent suffered from atypical depression, which is depression that’s improved by positive events. Like say, leaving work for the day.

What can you do if you hate your job so much that you’re depressed by it? Well, you could always find another one. Or you could invest less of your person into it to try to make sure that you stay mostly separate and even disassociated while it’s happening, or you could plan some kind of embezzlement caper with your two friends that results in you learning some important life lessons and dating Jennifer Aniston. Your choice.

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