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Science lies, claims Sprite is the best hangover cure

Hey, you know what's not in these blueprints? A hangover cure. via Facebook
Hey, you know what’s not in these blueprints? A hangover cure. via Facebook

Nobody likes being hungover, although that’s never stopped them from drinking before. Not in our experience anyway. The only thing worse than a hangover is some huckster claiming to have a miracle cure for your your hangover that doesn’t involve cracking a beer or getting so stoned you fall asleep in your friend’s eggs benedict while you’re sitting down at brunch. And yet here come some scientists claiming that Sprite is actually the best at helping our body deal with hangovers. But how can we be sure they didn’t see if 7-Up worked also?The Daily Mail claims that scientists in China studied the effect that various drinks had on the body’s ability to break down alcohol. According to the researchers at Sun-Yat Sen University, Spite helped speed up the body’s ability to make enzymes that break down alcohol, while things like tea and a fancy allegedly healthy herbal drink made with hemp seeds didn’t help as much.

Don’t expect us to run out and buy cases of Sprite before out next party though, or after for that matter either. We already gave out hangover cure above, but if you have to involve soda in yours, you should at least go with Anthony Bourdain’s cure, which at least also brings leftover Chinese and drugs into it. Plus, that guy’s been getting hangovers since before we were a nightmare in our fathers’ subconsciousness.

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  1. Sprite does nothing to actually reduce acetaldehyde, the underlying cause. The only product known to reduce acetaldehyde and actually PREVENT hangovers is Alcotox. I never drink without it. My 2 cents.

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