Science endorses having sex with your friends

frends with benefits
It especially endorses it if you’re as attractive as these two

Even after Valentine’s Day leaves us, your life probably still going to be occurring in a swamp of hormones and the occasional confusing sexual encounter with a friend. Hell, maybe even four or five sexual encounters with a friend. And while you might be wondering if you should be getting your kinda-friend, kinda-sex pixie a valentine, you shouldn’t worry about continuing to have sex with them. Because science has spoken, and found that even dumb college kids can still be friends after crossing the line with each other. The naked line.

Psychology Today shares a study done by the University of Louisville, that found that despite having sex with their friends, both men and women reported still being friends after the sex stopped. Hell, they were better friends after it some times. Even more encouraging for your prospective FWB relationship, the researchers studied college kids’ FWB relationships to come to these findings. College kids, as you know from being one previously, are nothing but impulsive bags of hormones, Adderall and emotions, so if 80% of them can remain friends after having sex, surely we adults can at least keep to that baseline.

No word on what happens if you ask a friend out only to have him gently turn you down, so if you have a crush on a friend, just start making out with him before you even try to make things official or serious. It’ll be the best thing for your friendship in the end. That’s just science.

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