Say ‘Hi!’ to the redesigned Brokelyn!

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My god…it’s…beautiful
Hey guys, you might have noticed things looked a little different when you took the ole Brokesmobile for a spin today. We have a brand new “responsive” design, which means Brokelyn is going to be more readable on your spacephone, iPad, what have you. So now when you’re unsure of where a free show or an open bar or a hot deal is going down, you can read all about it without having to zoom in and out while squinting.

We’ve also got a new events calendar that is a free and easy to use as it ever was, but now it syncs up to your Google Calendar and iCalendar. Just one teensy tinsy little thing: in order to make the calendar mobile friendly, we had to clear out all of the events. (Sorry!) So if you posted a happening on the previous version, you need you to list it again using our new backend. (Thanks!)

In the meantime, this IS a new site, so if you come across any bugs or something else weird, like a page opening to a portal with classified NSA documentation, shoot us an email at tips [at] and we’ll get to work fixing it. In the meantime, don’t worry about our content, we’ll still be the same bargain hunting, Vogue mocking half drunk team of Ohio transplants you think we are thrifty bastards you know and love.

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