Have your say in the de Blasio administration at Talking Transition

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With the voting and campaigning done, now we get to the real fun of government: talking it out! Photo by Rachel Eve Stein

So everyone’s real excited because we banded together and finally brought a liberal back to Gracie Mansion. Hooray, we did it, let’s all go back to watching The Real Housewives Factor and Cops! Sure you could do that, but the actual hard work of governing is just beginning, and you’ve got an opportunity to be involved in it from the very beginning. Holding true to his organizer-based roots, Bill de Blasio’s administration is hosting Talking Transition, a two-week long series of panels, breakout discussions and opportunities for digital feedback to guide the de Blasio agenda when he first comes in to office. This must be that communism that Glenn Beck warned us about.Taking place in a big tent (symbolism!) on Canal Street and Varick Street every day from now until November 23, Talking Transition is billed as “the first open transition in New York City,” taking the changeover between administrations out of the shadows and into the public. There will still be back room wheeling and dealing, don’t you fret, but there will also be plenty of town hall meetings, discussions and networking opportunities for people to express their concerns about every issue facing the city today, from policing to technology, jobs to school policy.

Worried about affordable housing? There’s a town hall meeting this afternoon at 2pm that combines personal stories with words from policy experts, and another town hall Wednesday November 20 about protecting our affordable housing stock. Sick of editorials with no solutions about how New York is strangling its creative class? Tomorrow at 6:30pm there’s a town hall meeting that promises discussing solutions to problem of the city remaining a cultural capital. Worried you’re about to live in a liberal-dominated hellscape? Conservative think thank The Manhattan Institute is hosting a town hall on Monday November 18 at 11am to present their own policy ideas, followed by a town hall put together by the NYC BID Association at 1pm featuring small business owners.

If you can’t make it down to the tent, you can also fill out a simple online survey that allows you to have your say on what you think the administration should focus on and whether aspects of life in your neighborhood are getting better or worse. It all wraps up with a big Town Meeting on Sunday, November 23 at 1pm (RSVP required), which hopefully won’t get that shouty. But put a lot of people in a room talking politics and affordable housing and the police, and well, you can see why we worry. We mean, look at how things work when just two people are in a room talking about all that.

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