Saving TOO much money is now also a problem

Greed is ... not so good, eh?

Luke Landes, a for-real finance expert, has some surprising — and surprisingly meditative — advice this week in Business Insider: saving money may do more harm than good. His point is that no matter how many rupees you amass now, you’re probably still not saving enough to actually be comfortable later in life, and the things you’re sacrificing are worth more than that delayed comfort anyway. “There is no prize for having the largest bank account balance as you fade away from life on a hospital bed,” he says. That comes as no surprise to us who are physically incapable of saving more than a month’s rent. But what say ye? Do you live for the beers you can afford now or are you saving up for a fancy bottle of wine later in life?


  1. Ideally, you should spend most of your money on drugs. Then, if you get bored with them, you can sell the leftover drugs for more money and build a nest egg for retirement.

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