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Saturday cartoons make a comeback (with booze!)

The Thundercats: really awesome then, really awesome now.
The Thundercats: really awesome then, really awesome now.

True confession time: I think growing up is crap. I don’t mean the responsibility of taking care of yourself, or having a job, or getting educated or overall not being a drain on society. But the part that means giving up the fun stuff you loved years ago, like the awesomeness of Saturday morning cartoons and seriously sugary cereal. Really, isn’t it still awesome? And throw in some booze? My god. But in fact, this heavenly combo does exist, starting this Saturday at the Knitting Factory’s Spoons, Toons and Booze.

In the grand tradition of barcades, kickball leagues, pillow fights and the gnarly Nintendo/Super Nintendo combo my roommate found at Fulton Mall, The Knitting Factory, this Saturday, Jun. 19 at noon, will be hosting a cartoon-and-cereal extravaganza. It’s a free event, with a cereal buffet that promises “all the shades of the food-coloring rainbow and all the marshmallow bits you can handle.” And then, because being a grownup is amazing, you can throw some vodka into those Fruity Pebbles or make a Cocoa Puff White Russian.

Show up and you can vote for which cartoons will be played from a selection of more than 50 series from the 60s through 90s, including Duck Tales, Thundercats, Jem, Gummi Bears, Smurfs, Batman the Animated Series, Looney Toons, Scooby Doo, He-Man, The Real Ghostbusters, Garfield & Friends, Transformers, X-Men and Tail Spin (Hint: you want to vote for Thundercats). You could sit at home hungover, watching this Smurfs movie teaser trailer over and over and complaining (yet again) about how Hollywood keeps Deepwater-Horizoning all over your childhood, or you could get to the Knitting Factory and keep that 80s animation torch burning for real.

See you there? We’ll be the third blanket fort on the left, pouring out a Boo-Berry Margarita for Peter Keefe.

The Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg


  1. Tim Donnelly

    I kept opening this page and thinking that somehow we embedded a rad thundercats roar sound in the post.

    But I guess it’s just this Walking with Dinosaurs ad. Still, it works

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