San Jose deemed the top city in America for women’s pay

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Downtown San Jose. It’s fine, we guess. via Flickr user kaylan3

Given the fact that the average temperature this winter in New York has been -4 degrees, it’s natural if your thoughts turn to fleeing to warmer climates. And now joining the news that all of the jobs exist on the West Coast comes word from Forbes that San Jose, California is the city in America where women earn the most money. But hey, New York is eighth and there’s no shame in that.

Yes sunny San Jose, home of the Sharks, is where women should head if they want to earn more than women in any other city. Of course, despite earning a $56,000 median salary there, that’s still only 77% of what men in San Jose make. So not only would you live in San Jose, which seems fine we guess, if a little unexciting, but you still wouldn’t make as much as your dumb male colleagues.

In New York, the situation is a little better in terms of the ratio that women get paid on, since while they only make a median $47,600 per year, that’s also 84% of what men in New York make. Which is still bad, but is also best on the entire top ten list. So that’s why we’re suggesting “New York: The Best of Your Bad Options!” as an unofficial city motto. Just think about it.

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