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Get a new twist on the Old Fashioned tonight at The Saint Catherine

They might not like these ones, but what do they know?
They might not like these ones, but what do they know?

In case you haven’t noticed, Brooklyn has a bit of a love affair with all things old timey, vintage and otherwise out of its time. This of course extends to drinks, so we’re surprised it’s taken a bar this long to decide to do a tribute to The Old Fashioned itself. The long wait is over though, because tonight, The Saint Catherine is kicking off their new cocktail series, “Wednesdays” with a salute to the drink by making some twists on the usually simple mixture of four ingredients (whiskey, sugar, bitters, and an orange peel) each named after a different Golden-Age Starlet.

The Old Fashioned is the most classic and easily-screwed-up cocktail, so maybe it’s best to just let a bartender make it for you. Especially because the four versions that will be served tonight are riffs on the Old Fashioned instead of the drink itself. There’s the Lamarr, with lime and sage-lime-chamomile bitters, the Harlow, with rose simple syrup and rose bitters, the Hepburn featuring Mandarin orange peel and chai-leather bitters, and the Mansfield, with muddled homemade Bourbon cherries and jasmine bitters. Each of these cocktails will be just $10, and will be limited-time only, so take the opportunity to get drunk the classy way, in the company of movie stars.

The drinks will be served up from 8pm to 11pm, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to try all four (and really, don’t you have to have all four to know which is best?). Also be sure to let them know if there’s any classic cocktails you’d like to see remixed for future cocktail parties, but remember that “Jaegerbomb” doesn’t count as a cocktail.

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