I.S. 318 chess team’s story coming to big screen, again, as a feature film produced by Seth Rogen

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They’re ready for their closeups. Well, their Hollywood doppelgängers are anyway.

We’ve all played the parlor game of “Who would you want playing you in your life story?” For most of us, it remains nothing more than a parlor game, because we’re sad unaccomplished shlubs with noting of note to our name. But the parlor game is about to become a reality for the chess team at I.S. 318. They’ve already been the subject of a documentary of course, but now according to Deadline, Seth Rogen’s production company is helping to make feature film out of the story. So if you ever wanted your chess movies to feature more bong hits, well, your wish might come true.

Well, OK, that last part isn’t true, yet. The only news about the potential feature film about the chess team is that Rogen’s production company, Point Grey, is helping produce a feature film about the chess team for Sony. Sony put 50/50 writer and director team Will Reiser and Jonathan Levine up to the task of putting a Hollywood sheen on the already unexpected story of a group of poor high school kids who rule the high school chess world. We’ll be holding our breath for a true to life ending where the team is still threatened with extinction due to budget cuts because the city could care less about after-school programs.

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