Rooftop Films wants you, yes you, as an extra for the trailer they’re filming Friday

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That could be you, seeing you up there this summer!. via Facebook

One of the joys of summer is the plethora of free outdoor movie options that come our way, including the offerings from the folks at Rooftop Films. They’ll be back this year with more movies, but first, they’re offering you the opportunity to nudge your date and say, “Hey that’s me up there on the screen,” with their call for extras for the trailer they’re filming to be shown before each movie this summer. Just don’t expect your date to be that impressed, he could be in the trailer too, for all you know.

The shoot, in Industry City, will take place on Friday, April 18. If you want in, shoot an email to trailer [at] and let them know if you’re available from 7pm to 11pm or 7pm to 4am. Your reward for all of this is two passes to a screening this summer, plus they’ll feed you and give you drinks. For the most part, they need people who can stay until 11pm, but they’ll need a few folks to hang around until 4am to be “featured extras.” As a reward for your patience though, you get a pass that gets you in to every show this summer, so if you really love Rooftop Films and really hate paying for things, there you go.

Previous trailers for the films haven’t featured humans, so we can’t tell you exactly how much screen time you’ll get or what they’re doing exactly. The Rooftop Films website only says that the theme of the trailer is “Light the Spark” and that it will involve the fans and community of Rooftop Films “coming together to illuminate the city.” Maybe sounds a teensy bit cult-y, but you’ve always wanted to see yourself on screen, so whatever. Since there’s a theme of “light,” they’re asking that you bring cellphones lighters, matches, glow sticks, anything that can make a light, up to and including a miner’s hat, if you’ve got one just lying around the apartment.

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