Rooftop Films will reward volunteers for their sold out Pulp movie screening with free tickets

Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets
Jarvis Cocker will jump for joy if you help out Rooftop Films

Britpop man, us dumb Yanks can’t get enough of it, despite the fact that we rightfully whomped England in the 1780s. Still, here we are years later and Americans still love Pulp. Rooftop Films knew that, which is why they’re showing Pulp concert documentary¬†Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets on Thursday. In fact, people were so into going to this screening that Rooftop Films is gonna need some volunteers to help them run the whole thing and keep Jarvis Cocker happy during it. Oh right, Jarvis Cocker is gonna be there. So, wanna volunteer and help them out?

The screening of the Pulp movie with a long title is going down on Thursday, August 7 in Industry City at 8pm. The screening is long-since sold out, probably because people love Pulp and because Jarvis Cocker will be there to judge a karaoke contest. This is why Rooftop Films needs your help, because they’ve become a victim of their own success. They’ll need volunteers to do things like helping direct the crowd places and setting up and breaking down chairs, tents and tables.

In return for your hard work, you’ll get two free passes to any Rooftop Films screening this summer. If you want in, you can go to the volunteer page here and write “Pulp” in the box in the Availability section. Looking at the schedule, there’s still a few more screenings left around here this summer. Plus, you’ll be able to see the Pulp movie, and you can fudge the truth a little bit in the future and tell your friends you worked crowd control at an event with Jarvis Cocker instead of telling them you just directed the crowd.

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